Muhar Village Polpulation

Muhar is a Village located in the Taluka of Jaisalmer, in the district of Jaisalmer district, in the state of Rajasthan state with a total population of 181. There are 38 houses in the Village.

Village name: Muhar
Taluka name: Jaisalmer
District: Jaisalmer
State: Rajasthan
Total population: 181
House Holds: 38

Muhar Population by Sex

There are total of 97 male persons and 84 females and a total number of 46 children below 6 years in Muhar.
The percentage of male population is 53.59%.
The percentage of female population is 46.41%.
The percentage of child population is 25.41%.
Males: 97.
Females: 84.
Children: 46.

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