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List of all Cities and Towns in India

Major Cities and Towns in India are listed below: You can view the Population and location of every Major Cities and Towns by clicking on the City's Links

City name District Taluk Total Population
Amreli Amreli Amreli 117967
Babra Amreli Babra 25270
Bagasara Amreli Bagasara 34521
Chalala Amreli Dhari 16721
Damnagar Amreli Lathi 16614
Jafrabad Amreli Jafrabad 27167
Lathi Amreli Lathi 21173
Lilia Amreli Lilia 10359
Rajula Amreli Rajula 38489
Savarkundla Amreli Savar Kundla 78354
Ajnala Amritsar Ajnala 21107
Amritsar Amritsar Amritsar- II 1155664
Amritsar Cantt. Amritsar Amritsar -I 10410
Baba Bakala Amritsar Baba Bakala 8946
Budha Theh Amritsar Baba Bakala 10979
Chogawan Amritsar Ajnala 5416
Jandiala Amritsar Amritsar -I 29232
Kathanian Amritsar Amritsar- II 10679
Khilchian Amritsar Baba Bakala 4588
Majitha Amritsar Amritsar -I 14503
Mudal Amritsar Amritsar- II 3882
Nangli Amritsar Amritsar- II 20440
Raja Sansi Amritsar Ajnala 14298
Ramdas Amritsar Ajnala 6398
Rayya Amritsar Baba Bakala 14506
Anand Anand Anand 209410
Anklav Anand Anklav 21003
Boriavi Anand Anand 19865
Borsad Anand Borsad 63377
Gamdi Anand Anand 14582
Hadgood Anand Anand 14262
Karamsad Anand Anand 35285
Khambhat Anand Khambhat 99164
Ode Anand Anand 23250
Petlad Anand Petlad 55330
Sojitra Anand Sojitra 16713
Umreth Anand Umreth 33762
Vallabh Vidyanagar Anand Anand 23783
Vasna Borsad Anand Borsad 166
Vithal Udyognagar Anand Anand 5035
Anantapur Anantapur Anantapur 15247
Anantapur Anantapur Anantapur 261004
Dharmavaram Anantapur Dharmavaram 121874
Gooty Anantapur Gooty 48658
Guntakal Anantapur Guntakal 126270
Hindupur Anantapur Hindupur 151677
Kadiri Anantapur Kadiri 89429
Kakkalapalle Anantapur Anantapur 30128
Kalyandurg Anantapur Kalyandurg 32328
Narayanapuram Anantapur Anantapur 14227