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List of all Cities and Towns in India

Major Cities and Towns in India are listed below: You can view the Population and location of every Major Cities and Towns by clicking on the City's Links

City name District Taluk Total Population
Dhanipur Aligarh Koil 20511
Dhaurra Mafi Aligarh Koil 13241
Gabhana Aligarh Gabhana 5886
Gangiri Aligarh Atrauli 5576
Harduaganj Aligarh Koil 13690
Iglas Aligarh Iglas 15478
Jalali Aligarh Koil 20238
Jatari Aligarh Khair 18387
Kauriaganj Aligarh Koil 12244
Khair Aligarh Khair 35751
Kwarasi Aligarh Koil 15763
Manjoor Garhi Aligarh Koil 9381
Pilkhana Aligarh Koil 11518
Qasimpur Power House Colony Aligarh Koil 7791
Ramgarh Panjoopur Aligarh Koil 18897
Rampur Aligarh Koil 5499
Sarsaul Aligarh Koil 9267
Vijaigarh Aligarh Koil 7124
Alirajpur Alirajpur Alirajpur 28498
Bhavra Alirajpur Bhavra 10968
Jobat Alirajpur Jobat 11976
Nanpur Alirajpur Alirajpur 5632
Allahabad Allahabad Allahabad 1168385
Arail Uparhar Allahabad Karchhana 12190
Baswar Allahabad Karchhana 5552
Bharatganj Allahabad Meja 16345
Bihka Urf Pura Mufti Allahabad Allahabad 10749
Chak Babura Alimabad Allahabad Karchhana 4876
Chak Imam Ali Allahabad Karchhana 4641
Handia Allahabad Handia 21798
Jasra Allahabad Bara 5483
Jhusi Allahabad Phulpur 13878
Jhusi Kohna Allahabad Phulpur 20023
Koraon Allahabad Koraon 14821
Lal Gopalganj Nindaura Allahabad Soraon 28288
Mahewa Patti Pashchim Uparhar Allahabad Karchhana 6408
Mau Aima Allahabad Soraon 19645
Nivi Allahabad Bara 7125
Phulpur Allahabad Phulpur 22998
Pura Pandey Allahabad Karchhana 4066
Sarai Abdulmalik Allahabad Phulpur 4815
Sarai Lahur Urf Lahurpur Allahabad Phulpur 4406
Shaha Urf Pipalgaon Allahabad Allahabad 8342
Shankargarh Allahabad Bara 17785
Sirsa Allahabad Meja 12686
Soraon Allahabad Soraon 10624
Almora Almora Almora 34122
Dwarahat Almora Dwarahat 2749
Khatyari Almora Almora 5166
Ranikhet Almora Ranikhet 18886