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List of all Cities and Towns in India

Major Cities and Towns in India are listed below: You can view the Population and location of every Major Cities and Towns by clicking on the City's Links

City name District Taluk Total Population
Bareja Ahmadabad Daskroi 19690
Barwala Ahmadabad Barwala 17951
Bavla Ahmadabad Bavla 42458
Bopal Ahmadabad Daskroi 37635
Dhandhuka Ahmadabad Dhandhuka 32475
Dholka Ahmadabad Dholka 80945
Nandej Ahmadabad Daskroi 9176
Ranpur Ahmadabad Ranpur 16944
Sanand Ahmadabad Sanand 95890
Singarva Ahmadabad Daskroi 12547
Viramgam Ahmadabad Viramgam 55821
Ahmadnagar Ahmadnagar Nagar 350859
Burhanagar Ahmadnagar Nagar 6885
Darewadi Ahmadnagar Nagar 10860
Deolali Pravara Ahmadnagar Rahuri 30997
Ghulewadi Ahmadnagar Sangamner 21860
Jamkhed Ahmadnagar Jamkhed 34017
Karjat Ahmadnagar Karjat 11659
Kopargaon Ahmadnagar Kopargaon 65273
Nagapur Ahmadnagar Nagar 11790
Nagardeole Ahmadnagar Nagar 18802
Pathardi Ahmadnagar Pathardi 27211
Rahta Pimplas Ahmadnagar Rahta 22335
Rahuri Ahmadnagar Rahuri 38813
Rajur Ahmadnagar Akola 10046
Sangamner Ahmadnagar Sangamner 65804
Shirdi Ahmadnagar Rahta 36004
Shrigonda Ahmadnagar Shrigonda 31134
Shrirampur Ahmadnagar Shrirampur 89282
Aizawl Aizawl Tlangnuam (Part) 293416
Darlawn Aizawl Darlawn 3769
Sairang Aizawl Tlangnuam (Part) 5950
Saitual Aizawl Thingsulthliah (Part) 11619
Ajmer Ajmer Ajmer 542321
Badlya Ajmer Ajmer 5111
Baral Ajmer Masuda 6344
Beawar Ajmer Beawar 151152
Boraj-Kazipura Ajmer Ajmer 8780
Kekri Ajmer Kekri 41890
Kishangarh Ajmer Kishangarh 154886
Nasirabad Ajmer Nasirabad 50804
Pushkar Ajmer Ajmer 21626
Sarwar Ajmer Sarwar 20372
Vijainagar Ajmer Masuda 32124
Akola Akola Akola 425817
Akot Akola Akot 92637
Balapur Akola Balapur 44594
Khadki Bk Akola Akola 12133
Malkapur Akola Akola 15420
Murtijapur Akola Murtijapur 40295