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List of all Cities and Towns in India

Major Cities and Towns in India are listed below: You can view the Population and location of every Major Cities and Towns by clicking on the City's Links

City name District Taluk Total Population
Agartala West Tripura 400004
Anandanagar West Tripura Dukli 13814
Bankimnagar West Tripura Jirania 11949
Bishalgarh West Tripura 21085
Briddhanagar West Tripura Jirania 7041
Chandigarh West Tripura Melaghar 5607
Charipara West Tripura Dukli 19598
Dukli West Tripura Dukli 16941
Gakulnagar West Tripura Bishalgarh 11369
Gandhigram West Tripura Mohanpur 14572
Khowai West Tripura 18526
Madhuban West Tripura Dukli 16579
Madhupur West Tripura Dukli 14105
Narsingarh West Tripura Mohanpur 7404
Radhakishorenagar West Tripura Jirania 13866
Ranirbazar West Tripura 13104
Singarbil West Tripura Mohanpur 12917
Sonamura West Tripura 11285
Taranagar West Tripura Mohanpur 15481
Teliamura West Tripura 21032
Uttar Champamura West Tripura Jirania 11359
Wokha Wokha Wokha Sadar 35004
Badvel Y.S.R. Gopavaram 41807
Chennamukkapalle Y.S.R. Rayachoti 7065
Dommara Nandyala Y.S.R. Mylavaram 8337
Gopavaram Y.S.R. Proddatur 22936
Jammalamadugu Y.S.R. Jammalamadugu 46069
Kadapa Y.S.R. Kadapa 318916
Mangampeta Y.S.R. Obulavaripalle 5175
Modameedipalle Y.S.R. Proddatur 11397
Moragudi Y.S.R. Jammalamadugu 6812
Muddanur Y.S.R. Muddanur 9775
Nagireddipalle Y.S.R. Nandalur 12318
Proddatur Y.S.R. Proddatur 163970
Pulivendla Y.S.R. Pulivendla 65706
Rajampet Y.S.R. Rajampet 54050
Rameswaram Y.S.R. Proddatur 19483
Rayachoti Y.S.R. Rayachoti 91234
Veparala Y.S.R. Mylavaram 6712
Yerraguntla Y.S.R. Yerraguntla 32574
Bhimarayanagudi Yadgir Shahpur 8029
Gogipeth Yadgir Shahpur 7544
Gurmatkal Yadgir Yadgir 20614
Saidapur Yadgir Yadgir 5432
Shahpur Yadgir Shahpur 53366
Shorapur Yadgir Shorapur 51398
Yadgir Yadgir Yadgir 74294
Badhi Majra (126) Yamunanagar Jagadhri 9188
Bilaspur Yamunanagar Bilaspur 11733
Buria Yamunanagar Jagadhri 10903