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List of all Cities and Towns in India

Major Cities and Towns in India are listed below: You can view the Population and location of every Major Cities and Towns by clicking on the City's Links

City name District Taluk Total Population
Adilabad Adilabad Adilabad 117167
Asifabad Adilabad Asifabad 23059
Bellampalle Adilabad Bellampalle 53958
Bhainsa Adilabad Bhainsa 49764
Chennur Adilabad Chennur 23579
Dasnapur Adilabad Adilabad 22216
Devapur Adilabad Kasipet 9683
Ichoda Adilabad Ichoda 12358
Jainoor Adilabad Jainoor 6342
Kagaznagar Adilabad Kagaznagar 57583
Kasipet Adilabad Kasipet 5133
Kyathampalle Adilabad Mandamarri 32385
Luxettipet Adilabad Luxettipet 11322
Mancherial Adilabad Mancherial 89935
Mandamarri Adilabad Mandamarri 52352
Naspur Adilabad Mancherial 31244
Nirmal Adilabad Nirmal 88433
Singapur Adilabad Mancherial 20061
Teegalpahad Adilabad Mancherial 12656
Thallapalle Adilabad Mancherial 9656
Thimmapur Adilabad Khanapur 13485
Utnur Adilabad Utnoor 16005
Achhnera Agra Kiraoli 22781
Agra Agra Agra 1585704
Artauni Agra Agra 6061
Azizpur Agra Agra 11103
Bah Agra Bah 16211
Dayalbagh Agra Agra 2830
Dehtora Agra Agra 16020
Deoretha Agra Agra 12335
Dhanauli Agra Agra 28990
Etmadpur Agra Etmadpur 21897
Fatehabad Agra Fatehabad 23278
Fatehpur Sikri Agra Kiraoli 32905
Jagner Agra Kheragarh 11575
Kalwari Agra Agra 13269
Kaulakha Agra Agra 5438
Khandauli Agra Etmadpur 8625
Kheragarh Agra Kheragarh 21470
Kiraoali Agra Kiraoli 23788
Nainana Jat Agra Agra 12941
Nainana-Brahman Agra Agra 4500
Patholi Agra Agra 7884
Pinahat Agra Bah 18709
Rohta Agra Agra 12063
Runkata Agra Kiraoli 15582
Shamsabad Agra Fatehabad 33144
Swamibagh Agra Agra 2039
Ahmadabad Ahmadabad Ahmadabad City 5577940
Ahmadabad Cantonment Ahmadabad Ahmadabad City 7588