Guru Peyarchi 2012 - 2013

The Guru Peyarchi  from may 17th is not so good for all of you born in the Dhanusu rasi. You have had a good time since the Sani Peyarchi . Both Guru and Sani were very favourable for your Rasi. Good flow of money and positive changes in life made you feel flying up.
You have passed a tough period due to 7 ½ Sani and Ashtama Guru. Even after the Sani Peyarchi there has not been quite a lot of pressure has been straining you because of Guru Bagavan in the 8th house. But now there are going to be good relief for you as Guru is entering the Rishaba rasi on 17th May 2012.
You have seen lot of troubles in your career in the past year due to Lord Guru in your tenth house. There had been some damages to your name and honour in the working environment. But things are going to change soon with this Guru Peyarchi.
Last 2 ½ years had been very tough time for you all. The Ashtama Sani has tested you with all difficulties. You have some relief after the Sani Peyarchi in December 2011. But sadly Sani has been travelling in reverse since February and all that were looking bright seems to be far way from hand. This guru peyarchi is something better than nothing I can say for you. Last year Guru bagvan was totally helpless for you but now He may extend some relief for you after may 2012. But after the month of August, once Sani travels back to…
People born in the Makara rasi have been facing quite a lot of troubles after the Sani Peyarchi in December 2011. Sani has moved in to your tenth house and has been troubling you from all quarters. Guru Bagavan who travelled in the Mesham for the past one year has been of unhelpful to you further aggravating the problems.
Born in this first Rashi you had been facing some obstacles in life for the past one year. There had been delays and things have not been working up to your expectations. There were tiresome and hectic days with poor results on one hand and there had been confusion, laziness, and unfavourable conditions on the other hand. There is going to be an end for those sleepless nights and sorrowful atmosphere with this Guru Peyarchi.
Guru had been very good for you all Mithun Rasi people last year. You have spent a beautiful year enjoying life comfortably. Even though you were under “Arthashtama sani”  Guru has been showing you a good relief for the past one year. In December 2011 Sani has moved in to a better place for you but sadly this Guru peyarchi is not so favourable for Gemini.
Born in the Rishaba rashi you have just crossed a very difficult passage. Lot of pain and sufferings is what you might think of those past 365 days. There had been endless unwanted and uninvited expenditures. You had never been comfortable with the financial bar last year. And even though you have somehow swimmed against the stream still you have those bad memories.
You had many good relief with the end of 7 ½ Sani since last December. Both Sani and Guru has been well placed and you had enjoyed peace and prosperity. You have gone down and climbed up in the recent past. But now Lord Guru’s transit is going to disturb you for a while and it is better you be careful and cautious unless you wish to taste the past bad sufferings.
The recent Sani peyarchi gave you some sort of relief from December 2011. Guru was favourable in 7th house and reduced the bad effects of your Janma Sani. But sad thing is that He has to change his house on 17th May 2012.This year transit could well affect you unless you have good Dasa and Bukthi in your horoscope.
Many of you born in Vrichika rasi (Scorpio) would have been wondering what went wrong. There had been sudden downfall in everything due to the Sani (Saturn Transit) Peyarchi in on December 2011 as it began your 7 ½ Sani (Sade Sati). Delays and unexpected financial crisis have frustrated you. The Guru Peyarchi on 17th May is going to bring you cheer and happiness. There is going to be some real relief and peace for a year now. You are going to breathe some fresh air again from now on. Losses and financial blocks may get reduced due to this…

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