Tamilnadu - general information

General Information

Facts and Figures

Capital- Chennai

Districts- 32


Area-1, 30, 058 Sq.km.

Population- 6, 24, 05, 679 (2001 census)

Density (People in Sq.Km.)- 480 (2001)


Tamil Nadu Location Map

Literacy- 73.47%

Temperature- 26° C to 43° C

Airports- Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai

Municipal Corporations- 10


Town Panchayats- 611

Village Panchayats- 12,618

Sex Ratio (Male:Female)- 100: 98

Lok Sabha Seats-39

Rajya Sabha Seats- 18

Legislative Assembly Seats-234

Tamil Nadu, a place of peace and serenity in the far south of the Indian sub­continent with its feet washed by the Indian Ocean, is a paradise for tourists. People, who come here, go back with an everlasting memory cherished forever of the land and its people. It is a land of magnificent that remain intact exposing the marvel and glory of the Dravidian culture, art, architecture and spiritual values.

Not only temples but churches and mosques too declare the inborn secularism of the land. Numerous festivals and fairs, throughout the year add colour and mirth wherever you go. The ancient glory and modern hub of life mingle amazingly well, giving joy and soothing comforts. Long, sandy and sunny beaches abound to brace your health and enhance your happiness.

Land of sanctuaries

It is also a land of sanctuaries for birds and animals, forests, mountains, hill stations, natural sceneries and waterfalls - enough to forget everything and be immersed in enchanting beauty. Modern amusement theme parks have come up in various places to provide heart throbbing and thrilling experience to young and old. The people are traditionally hospitable - the very meaning of a newcomer is 'guest' in the Tamil language - and friendly making you feel at home wherever you go. Comfortable and efficient public transport systems, air, road and rail links are available in almost all places.

Tamil Nadu Tourist PlaceTourist paradise

Good hotels, restaurants, lodges and guest-houses are available in all tourist centres affordable to your purse. From time immemorial, Tamil Nadu has been attracting travellers from abroad and the various accounts they have left are credible documents prized by the historians of this land. Tamil Nadu with such a hoary past in entertaining visitors and tourists welcomes you wholeheartedly. The moment you enter the land you enter a tourist paradise.

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